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Hearing Device Consultation

It is highly recommended that you bring a family member with you to the hearing device consultation. Hearing loss always affects all family members. Communication goes both ways. It also helps to have another supportive person at the consultation to help you understand the information and recommendations.

During the appointment the Audiologist will want to know what hearing difficulties you are having, what your hearing health care goals are, and what your expectations are for better hearing. They will evaluate your ear canal size, your manual dexterity, your issues in noise, your home and work environments; they will try to get a full story from you so that they can match the appropriate hearing device to meet your hearing needs. We want you to be an active participate in finding a hearing solution that works best for you!

After making appropriate recommendations, you will have an opportunity to listen to a hearing device prescribed just for you. This will give you a chance to ask questions about the way a hearing device sounds as well as comfort any expectations that you may have. If you qualify, you may be asked if you want to try a no obligation hearing device demonstration at your home for one week. This gives you a chance to test the device in your home, in the environments that you struggle in the most. This will also allow you to make sure that the device we recommend meets your expectations and is appropriate for your lifestyle.