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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Auditory Processing Disorders

Auditory processing is a term used to describe how your brain recognizes and interprets sound. It is when this process is somehow disrupted that a disorder is present. Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) affects the brain’s ability to process or interpret auditory information correctly.

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Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

Difficulty hearing can come from a variety of health issues. If you or your child has been referred for a diagnostic Audiological evaluation, it means that hearing loss needs to be ruled out or further examination is needed.

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Hearing Devices

We offer all major brands of hearing devices. However, OTICON hearing devices are our preferred. Click the link below to view our wide selection of hearing devices offererd by leading manufacturers.

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Hearing Protection Devices

Protection your hearing is vital! NIHL is 100% preventable! The Audiologist will discuss the best hearing protection devices (earplugs) that are suited to fit your hearing loss (in present), your ear canal, and your work environments. We want to ensure hearing protection, but also allow communication o occur for safety reasons.

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Hearing Device Consultation

It is highly recommended that you bring a family member with you to the hearing device consultation. Hearing loss always affects all family members. Communication goes both ways. It also helps to have another supportive person at the consultation to help you understand the information and recommendations.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

We repair most hearing devices. We use an all make hearing device repair lab. Some repairs can be done in the office. We will always quote you on the repair prior sending off your hearing device. Most issues occur with debris or moisture in the hearing device. Bring us your hearing device and we can give you no cost assessment and make recommendations that is best for you.

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is often a symptoms that can result from a wide range of underlying causes such as, hearing loss, ear infections, foreign objects in the ear, nose allergies that prevent fluid to drain, or wax build up. Often it is no louder than a whisper but at times ic an effect ones qualify of life.

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